In today's world, when gasoline prices are on the rise and people are becoming more environmentally conscious, it is of the utmost importance to maximize fuel economy. It is the purpose of the EcoSelect mode on the Ford

Ranger to maximize fuel efficiency in situations that are typical of driving. EcoSelect mode encourages more fuel-efficient driving behaviors and reduces overall fuel usage by modifying a number of different vehicle components, including throttle response and gearbox shift points, according

to the driver's preferences. Whether they are driving to work or conducting errands around town, drivers may lessen their impact on the environment and save money on fuel costs by enabling EcoSelect mode

in their vehicles. Drivers are able to switch between EcoSelect mode and other driving modes with the touch of a button, allowing them to achieve the optimal balance between performance and

economy in their vehicles. At a time when fuel economy is becoming an increasingly significant factor, the EcoSelect mode

of the Ford Ranger offers a practical answer for drivers who are concerned about the environment without sacrificing the driving pleasure.