In difficult driving circumstances, it is crucial for drivers to maintain their stability and control in order to boost their confidence and ensure their safety. In unfavorable circumstances, the Ford Ranger's AdvanceTrac

with Roll Stability Control is a complex technology that functions to improve the vehicle's stability and prevent rollover incidents from occurring. As a result of AdvanceTrac's ability to continually monitor a

variety of vehicle data, including wheel speed, steering angle, and lateral acceleration, the system is able to identify and rectify possible skids or slides before they develop into circumstances that make it

difficult to maintain control. Within the event that a rollover is about to occur, Roll Stability Control will take action by selectively applying the brakes and limiting the power of the engine in order to assist

in stabilizing the vehicle and minimizing the likelihood of a rollover occurring. AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control gives drivers the piece of mind and confidence they need to confront demanding

driving situations with enhanced safety and control. This is true whether they are driving on roads that are slick or avoiding abrupt obstructions.