One of the ways in which the Ford Evos is setting a new standard for the luxury of electric vehicles is by providing consumers with a premium driving experience that is equivalent to that of regular luxury automobiles

It is the intention of the Evos to provide comfort, grace, and refinement in every aspect of its design. Not only does this include the luxurious interior, but it also incorporates the most cuttingedge

technology components that are integrated into the car. When it comes to electric automobiles, the Evos offers a level of sophistication and refinement that is unparalleled by any other automobile now

available on the market. Seats that are heated, high-end audio systems, and advanced driver assistance systems are some of the luxuries that it offers.

As part of their array of forward-thinking automobiles, Ford is redefining what it means to

drive an electric car in a fashionable manner by combining luxury and environmental responsibility.